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Ground-Breaking AI Tool To Stop Premature Blindness

A new AI tool has sparked hope in the fight against premature blindness. Scientists from around the world have developed an advanced artificial intelligence system that utilises deep learning. This innovative technology has the capability to pinpoint infants who are susceptible to retinopathy, a condition that, if neglected, could lead to vision loss. Read on […]

Developing amblyopia lazy eye treatments

Amblyopia, commonly referred to as a lazy eye, is a common condition in children. Without early medical intervention, it prevents the development of normal, healthy vision. Typically affecting just one eye, it is often caused by other eye and vision issues, such as refractive errors, a droopy eyelid, and cataracts. Researchers at the University of […]

Eye drops found to delay and even prevent myopia

A recent study published in JAMA by researchers in Hong Kong, suggests that the use of dilating eye drops in children may delay, or even prevent the onset of myopia. Myopia, or near-sightedness, can lead to a range of vision problems, including cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment, and is irreversible once it develops. The incidence […]

Protect your child’s eyes from myopia

Meta-analysis of 51 clinical trials and studies has revealed that outdoor play can help to protect eye health in children. It has long been theorised by the eyecare community that spending time outdoors can help to protect against both the development and progression of myopia. This new research aimed to better understand previous studies and […]

How to recognise and treat lazy eye

Lazy eye, medically referred to as Amblyopia, is a condition that affects approximately 1 in every 50 children in the UK. Usually, it develops before a child turns eight years of age when their vision is still developing. However, it can be difficult to spot. Amblyopia can be caused by an uncorrected refractive error, Strabismus […]

Childhood glaucoma – How to spot it

Glaucoma is typically a condition that is associated with ageing. However, according to Glaucoma UK, around five in every 100,000 children are born with childhood glaucoma. In most cases, children are diagnosed with glaucoma before their first birthday. While receiving the news that your child has glaucoma can be concerning, there are effective treatments that […]

Assessing your baby’s eye health

Good vision and healthy eyes play an important role in infant development so baby eye health will be checked several times throughout the first hours, weeks, and months of their life to identify any issues. In the UK, checking your baby’s eyes for any health problems is part of a routine newborn physical examination. There […]

Pandemic screen time and the effect on children’s eyesight  

Children in the UK are twice as likely to be short sighted than 50 years ago and nearly one in five teenagers are now myopic. Yet, these figures may soar as a result of Covid and the extra screen time and e-learning measures adopted during the first couple of years of the pandemic. Constant screen […]